Virginia is now a Real Estate Market trend. Virginia is now ideal area for military personnel’s and their families to move and reside in. The prices are reasonable for modest income earners that what to move and change locations. It is military concentrated state and military/federal allowances are given to those that want to purchase a home. There is a need for more development in the area and to provide more affordable homes to those that live there.

We have contacts and team that reside in Virginia that help us find homes to wholesale, fix and flip, and buy and hold. Future plans to develop are also in the works. Great locations to market are Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Richmond. Prices are reasonable if you want to invest in those areas, purchase prices vary by area but you can invest in those areas for under $300k, which is less than in the New York market. It is expected to grow, the real estate market in Virginia and it is becoming a popular area for Real Estate Investors and consumers.

We are planning to go visit soon in the next pending months to look at areas and market more to sellers and buyers in the area. We have sent direct marketing, letters to sellers that want to sell their home quickly and find buyers that want to purchase them. We are quickly expanding in the Virginia Market and help sellers sell their home and buyers find homes that are affordable or possibly rent a home until they can purchase them.