Many people what to give up when things are hard but do not want to stick to their path that they created for themselves. I honestly don’t know if it is fear of the unknown, fear of failure; fear that things will be harder. My view is if life was that easy, everyone would do it. It takes a selective few to really buckle down and suck it up when going through a difficult path that will have its moments of struggles. The thing is you can’t give up and quit. Sometimes the best things that come are through blood, sweat and tears.

Have I been through those struggles, hell yeah, but I couldn’t bring myself to give up and believe me I ask myself why am I doing it. Then I think of my why. My why is simple, I want to represent the women, the culture, my family, myself and show the world that I made it to my destination. Coming from a background where I have professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs that made a path for them but also coming from a family where they frown on being your own boss. It is an oxymoron if you think about it. Here I am coming from a line of people that made names for themselves but also coming from an immediate family that were hesitant to take a leap of faith.

It took 34 years of my life to make a conscious decision to be one of those entrepreneurs, a be my own boss with my own hours, being a boss that also had to struggle to get a start on my own two feet and believe there were struggles. Working close to 20 years for someone else was hard. Why? at some point in your career you start to feel under minded, unappreciated and taken advantage of and most of all knowing your true worth. Money cannot be put on yourself worth. It was at that point that I took that bold decision and have not look back. It was an exciting and frightening experience but it was something I could not pass up. I needed to know where the path I took will take me and what will be the ending to that decision.

Yes I go through my struggles and my rough patches, but doesn’t? I have been fortunate that for each mistake I make or each rough patch I go through is an experience I learn that helps me become stronger. I’m grateful that I can fail forward that not fail at all.