The market is changing and the new trend that has been introduced to the US real estate is solar efficient products. This is a trend that started overseas and used more commonly in Europe and certain areas of the Middle East. Many European countries use solar panels on the commercial real estate and are steadily used on residential real estate as well. The government implemented the idea of going green and using solar panels to lower the use of electricity, creating natural solar energy that converts into electricity, reducing the manpower electricity and voltage use. It also helps lower the overall cost of bills. This method of solar panel was introduced a few years ago to the US, but it was in the past 2 years that the demand for solar efficiency took place. There are development companies that are using this method to build homes with solar efficient concept, which the federal government funds if it is within their guidelines and standards.

There are companies that sell solar efficient products that invest in development projects that would use their products in the building of the properties. Other companies would let consumers rent their solar panels and give them a discount upon installation, homeowners can benefit from this type of deal.

This phenomenon is going global, other countries in the eastern board such as China in the Asian continent is taking the opportunity to use solar panels in the residential and commercial spaces.