Women in the work force have boomed in the past 10 years and women run business is also in the rise. Once a male dominated work force and entrepreneurial world, things have changed and the rules have changed as well. Women have made their mark in the Real Estate industry and there is a steady rise of more women dominating this market. There are more real estate agents/brokers and real investors.

There is funding being offered for women business owners and are encouraging more women to own businesses. There are programs that you can apply as long as you show proof of ownership of business and there has to be at least 51% ownership in the business in order to qualify. There are groups, associations and communities that cater to women in business. For example, The Women Chamber of Commerce has a support section for women business owners and helps them file and be recognized by the government in order to apply for the grant. In order to qualify them must register as a women owned business and have certification with the state also have revenue of $ 1 million.

Another place I recommend for women who are looking to be part of group and feel empowered and encouraged would be the Real Estate Investment Association of NYC. They have a women focused group called WISE, which is founded by local REIA chapter organizer Dr. Teresa R. Martin, ESQ. She is an attorney and an investor that also founder of REIA NYC. She is encourages women to be part of the group and gain insight on real estate investing and running a business.