The WYM Group Corp. was started and founded in early spring 2015. Three people (Michelle Wong, Kareem Young, William Morales) came together to form The WYM Group Corp. Not only is the name of the company represents the initial of each founders last names but it also has significant meaning, “Work Your Money”. We believe that all investors should have their money work for them. We also believe that anyone whether beginners or experienced, everyone should be entitled to invest in some type of Real Estate. We have Real Estate Development deals and projects in New York and other states as well. Even though we are a brand new company we have 6 years of experienced combined between all of us.

Our Office is based in New York and we work in various states that we partner with other companies and work with on development projects. Our goal is to continue to expand our company nationally and internationally. We are focus on developing affordable and solar efficient homes for home buyers. Our personal goal is to help investors invest and buyers afford the homes of their dreams. It is important to us that we can all work together as group and help each other achieve our goals.