Director of Client Relations


Traci incorporates over 25 years of Administrative Operational Support, 15+ years of both Non Profit & For Profit Office, Facility & Project Management and over 5 years of honing all of these skills to Real Estate Operations and Client Management.

​As a Project Manager Traci has scouted, designed, branded, outfitted and marketed sites for many Agencies in the Philadelphia area. Traci currently manages the Awesome Administrative Team at AOC Real Estate & Property Management. Traci specializes in team building and works hard to identify the “strengths” in others. She also provides Corporate Customer Service/ Professionalism, and Work Ethics workshops, classes, and events.

Traci is the Operations Coordinator & Executive Client/Account Manager for AOC Real Estate. Traci’s mottos are “to offer service that allow others to function with effortless operations” & “Both internal & external customer service excellence is the most valuable tool any company could ever possess”

Traci is an ordained minister who allows her faith to produce excellence in her work. She is an advocate, and community activist for underprivileged women in the Philadelphia Area. She is an Entrepreneur, owner of HUGS (Healing Under Grace & Safety) a Non Profit in Philadelphia as well as a partner in Home Worthy Investments LLC.

Traci believes the buying and selling of real estate is an opportunity of new beginnings for individuals, families and communities, it is her pleasure to offer her skill, service and expertise in the real estate process.