The WYM Group, is a full service Real Estate Development Boutique that caters to different clients.

The WYM Group is a full service, all in one Real Estate Investment and Development company that caters to all the needs of the clients. We provide different services for everyone. We have a Business Development Consultant in house that can help assist our client’s build their portfolio.

Our Executives can guide our client’s into making a decision that is tailored specifically for them. We have inventory in the United States and in other countries globally.


We help individuals or groups in investing in a particular property we have available in our in house inventory or invest in a project we have.


We also work on renovation projects with existing properties and bring the properties up to date.

Green & LEED Sustainability

We work closely with green and Eco- friendly materials. We are conscious of being sustainable with the projects we have.

Property Management

We have in house property management to make things easier for those that have properties that need someone to handle it.

Restaurant Hospitality

Whether we own the restaurants or help assistance with them. We have a department that handles all the operations of a restaurant.

EB-5 & EB-2

We work with an outside group of foreign investors with our projects in exchange for residency where the projects are being constructed.

Interior Design

We have experienced interior designers that assist with the minor touches after a project is completed.


We have experienced appraisers that can make the best assessments on any property.


We have development projects that we work on exclusively or through partnerships with other companies.


We work on construction projects and oversee construction. We have in house contractors that assist with the construction project.


We help investors whether it is an individual or group find the funding. We have various connections with hard money companies.

Portfolio Consulting

We have a business development expert that can advise you and consult with you on how to expand your real estate portfolio.

Hotel Hospitality

We handle hotel hospitality along with hotel development and construction.

Hedge Fund

We work with in-house hedge funds to invest in big projects such as building or hotel developments.

Property Marketing & Advertising

We also advertise for our clients and their properties or projects. We have a production company that caters to the needs of all our clients and investors.


Our excavation crew can help build the foundation needed for any building or road in land development.


We do all kinds of interior/exterior demolition including:

  • demolition of buildings
  • flooring removal
  • structural shoring and/or temporary shoring
  • interior wall removal including drywall/plaster ceiling
  • walls removed
  • demolition gutting of interiors including kitchen’s and bathrooms, cabinet removal and more
  • carpet removal
  • concrete cutting and removal
  • wood floor and tile removal
  • deck and porch removal
  • rubbish and debris removal
  • job site clean up
  • erection of dust walls
  • full removal from loading to disposal

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