Joseph Ralph Fraia

Director of Legal Council


New York-born, graduated from Top-ten elite Universities in Europe and business management expertise developed and strengthened in the US.

Skilled and expert professional in business/products development and operations management, who excels at team building and project management, using proven methods and the state-of-the-art technology to successfully cut costs, enhance procedures and processes, increase productivity and sales. Expert Senior Manager with solid background in compliance, due diligence processes and cross-cultural business relationships.

The educational background in law, economics and communication, and 20-year experience as project manager in a wide array of different business fields, has led to a tested and strong skills-set for compelling problem solving and effective business strategies execution.

The range of competency is completed by unique abilities in media/communication, advertising and marketing developed in recent years in Executive roles for industry-related companies, with a focus on start-up and development of digital platform and social media.‚Äč